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Here is a list of my own projects and other projects I find interesting

MULTICOMP FPGA based hardware implementation of 8 bit systems with CPUs like the 6502, 6809, Z80.
KIM-1 The original KIM-1 and its implementation in an FPGA.
Additional hardware for the user interface.
TM100 My Ampex 800/1600 bpi tape drive from the 80's.
Restoration and connection to a single chip computer
FS200 TeKaDe TELEX machine FS200.
Connection to a single chip computer
Notes about the B5500/B5700 Useful hints when handling the B5500/B5700
Burroughs Hardware of the 60's Some analysis of Burroughs hardware.
Flip-Flops, Diode Arrays, Inverters.
retro-B5500 I would never have thought, that it would be possible, to emulate a complete “large computer system” of the 60's in a web browser using Javascript. Thanks to the guys who did this!
retro-ed205 Similarly for a vacuum tube computer of the 50's...
retro-B6700/7700 Maybe. Maybe in 'C' on a 64 Bit Machine. Maybe in an FPGA. Maybe the tapes I have left from my times with the real one contain some useful software for it. Requires project TM100 to find out. Or maybe I just make a similar machine and use P5 as a code generator for it. Too many may-bees :)
We are still looking for any original tapes (SYSTEM and SYMBOL) of those systems
B5500 emulator in C I started this project based upon the emulator in Javascript to overcome the sandbox restrictions of running the emulator in a browser.
It is now all written in C, it has access to the files on the host system, it can print on a printer and is able to accept telnet sessions to the “datacomm unit”.
The CPU emulation now runs on an credit card sized embedded system!
Pascal P5 P-code assembler and interpreter in C In order to bootstrap the Pascal P5 Compiler to any computer running a good 32 bit C compiler.
A slightly modified Pascal P5 compiler produces symbolic P-code, which in turn is assembled and interpreted by programs written in C and running on the target system.
The compiler is self-compiling, that means compiling it with itself produces P-code running on the target system as well.
Historical Books Books on Computing I own (incomplete list)
KIM-1, B6700/B7700, Niklaus Wirth various books on Compilers/Pascal, etc...

[original “BINARY END” card for a B6700/B7700]

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