Here is a list of projects


FPGA based hardware implementation of 8 bit systems with CPUs like the 6502, 6809, Z80.


The real KIM-1 and its implementation in above FPGA.

Additional hardware for the user interface.


Ampex 800/1600 bpi tape drive from the 80's.

Restoration and connection to a modern computer.


TeKaDe TELEX machine FS200.

Connection to a modern computer.

B5x00 Hardware

Some analysis of B5x00 hardware.

Flip-Flops, Diode Arrays, Inverters.


I'd never thought that this would be possible, emulating a complete “large computer system” of the 60's in a browser using Javascript. Thanks to the guys who did this.


Same for a vacuum tube computer of the 50's...


Maybe. Maybe in 'C' on a 64 Bit Machine. Maybe in an FPGA. Maybe the tapes I have left from my times with the real one contain some useful software for it. Requires project TM100 to find out. Or maybe I just make a similar machine and use P5 as a code generator for it. Too many may-bees :)

B5500 emulator in C

I started this project based upon the emulator in Javascript to overcome the sandbox restrictions of running the emulator in a browser.

Goal is to have it all written in C, then have access to files on the system, be able to print and be able to accept telnet sessions to the “datacomm unit”.

There is still a long way to go. Currently only the CPU emulation is working, without any I/O. One can use a simple assembler and tester to create code for the CPU and execute/debug it.

NEW: the CPU emulation now runs on an credit card sized embedded system!

Pascal P5 P-code assembler and interpreter in C

In order to bootstrap the Pascal P5 Compiler to any computer running a good 32 bit C compiler.

A slightly modified Pascal P5 compiler produces symbolic P-code, which in turn is assembled and interpreted by programs written in C and running on the target system.

The compiler is self-compiling, that means compiling it with itself produces P-code running on the target system as well.

Historical Books

Books on Computing I own (incomplete list)

KIM-1, B6700/B7700, Niklaus Wirth various books on Compilers/Pascal, etc...

[original “BINARY END” card for a B6700/B7700]

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